‘Save ECFCOM’ meeting 15 October

Baw Baw Shire have arranged an open meeting to discuss whether a new ECFCOM (Erica Community Facilities Committee of Management) can be formed. The meeting will be in the Erica Public Hall at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 15 October. Everybody with an interest in the control and maintenance of their community’s local facilities is encouraged… Continue reading ‘Save ECFCOM’ meeting 15 October

Parents Prove People Power Pays

The parents of students using the Rawson school bus explain to Cr Michael Leaney the fairness and safety issues arising from the proposed cancellation. Thanks to Jodie at Erica’s 1914 Cafe for arranging and hosting the meeting. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Parents Win – School Bus Saved!

Thanks to some great lobbying by a group of local parents with help from Jodie at 1914 Cafe, local Councilor Michael Leaney,  Gary Blackwood MP and Harriet Shing MP,  the Rawson school bus will continue to operate. The decision to retain the service was announced by Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne earlier today.

Erica’s ECFCOM Folds

ECFCOM, Baw Baw Council’s Section 86 Committee of Management which had been managing the Shire’s public facilities in Erica failed to attract any nominations at its Annual General Meeting held in the Erica Hall on Tuesday 20 August. (Update:  a further meeting to explore whether the committee can be re-formed will be held in the… Continue reading Erica’s ECFCOM Folds