Cr Trips and catches Bouquet

From the Warragul Gazette

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Cr Leaney responds: 

Nice to get a bouquet in the Warragul Drouin Gazette and yes it’s great that the Walhalla & Mountain Rivers Region is getting attention after years of neglect…however I travel thousands of kilometres every month cris crossing East Ward…with visits to Yarragon, Trafalgar, Noojee, Neerim South, Willow Grove, Tanjil South etc being regular stops on the trail! Even Allambee…which is a major drive for me (sorry no photo). I don’t know who wrote this bouquet, but they should know that I’m working for all of the East Ward…and this shows in how many kilometres I drive every month…more than any other councillor in the Baw Baw Shire.