Erica Enduro returns Sat May 1

It’s finally back, DMCC ( Dandenong Motorcycle Club (DMCC) & Wonthaggi MX track)  will be hosting a one day Enduro out of Rawson using the famous tracks and trails that surround Erica and Rawson.
The Free event will be open to riders that have all of the following:
Civil Motorcycle License or Learner’s Permit
MA Senior Competition License or One Event License
Road Registered Motorcycle. Rec Reg or Club Permit scheme included.
The event will be a fair dinkum time carded Enduro consisting of approximately 6 timed tests and around 200km of transport sections over 2 loops.
As well as individual classes, the event will be open to teams of 3 and 4 riders, you choose the riders on your minute, that will start on the same minute and ride with each other all day.
Trail ride all day and push each other through the tests!
Entries will open shortly via Ridernet
(Courtesy 1914 cafe)