Latrobe and BawBaw lagging in Vax uptake

Latrobe City and Baw Baw Shire continue to have the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates out of the six Gippsland local government areas, according to the latest federal government health data.

Local government COVID-19 vaccination rates up to September 12 revealed only 39.5 per cent of Latrobe City residents aged 15 years or over have received two doses. That ranks Latrobe City behind East Gippsland (52.6 per cent), Bass Coast (52.3), Wellington (47.9), South Gippsland (46) and Baw Baw (43.5) when it comes to double vaccinations.

Statewide figures reveal 40.95 per cent of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated  while 66.82 per cent had received a first dose.

For single vaccinations, Latrobe City sits a distant last at 61.7 per cent, behind Bass Coast (79.9 per cent), East Gippsland (76.3), South Gippsland (74.4), Wellington (70.6) and Baw Baw (67.3).