Watts Up? Mayor Connects To Powerful Replacement.

From Baw Baw Shire Michael Leaney

“Totaling the Mayoral car last week was a bit of a shocker, but it has given rise to a new opportunity and a challenge. Baw Baw Shire Council has two Petrol Hybrid plug-in Electric Vehicles in their fleet…but they have always been kinda orphans because they are a bit odd and don’t really suit most people. But as it happens, I am the proud owner of EV Charge Points (the only public EV charging location in the shire) so I’m now plugging in. This is a bit of an experiment, but so far I’ve managed to get fuel consumption down to 5 or so litres per 100kms by using the EV charger….and saving some $s for the shire. When I became Mayor I said I’d like to give a full EV a go, because I believe that with even the long distances I travel, I could make it work. Now that we have to look at a new Mayoral vehicle, I’d be interested in your thoughts. Should I go full EV?”